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Job Announcement: Statewide Base Building Organizer 

The Southeast Asian Coalition (SEAC) has been growing steadily and is now seeking to increase and sustain its growth. The SEAC team is looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic Statewide Base Building Organizer, who is both collective-minded and team-oriented. The BB Organizer will implement a statewide integrated voter engagement program for Asian American Voters in North Carolina, integrate base building activities into SEAC’s youth programming, and manage SEAC’s data tracking to deepen and broaden SEAC’s base of supporters.

About SEAC:

SEAC is a grassroots-run/grassroots-focused social justice effort, serving high-need communities in North Carolina. As a small team we aim to depart from silos present in the culture of non-profits, and to integrate each staff member into one interconnected and cohesive team.

As a start-up organization each position is guided by the principle of “building onto and bettering” what has been formerly done at SEAC. We believe this customizes our programs and keeps us dynamic and accountable to our base. In addition each team member has a key role in making decisions for the organization and is expected to contribute to the health and longevity of our team and movement.

Program areas at SEAC include: youth organizing, base-building/civic engagement, movement building/advocacy, and select services. Also known as the “Village”, SEAC was established in 2011 to create a voice that addresses the needs of the Southeast Asian population in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas in North Carolina.


Working closely with SEAC’s Integrated Voter Engagement Consultant, the Statewide Base Building Organizer will be responsible for the following program areas:

  • Implement a year round statewide integrated voter engagement plan that supports broader social justice issues and includes voter registration, door canvassing, phone banking and direct mail

  • Support the capacity building of AAPI activists, grassroots groups, and organizations in North Carolina (Wake, Guilford, Mecklenburg, and Catawba counties)

  • Develop a SEAC supporter base that champions social justice issues for immigrants, refugees and communities of color.

  • Develop and maintain sophisticated data tracking mechanisms and protocols to deepen and broaden SEAC’s base


  • Strong commitment to social justice, racial & gender justice, and self-determination

  • Strong ability to understand cultural queues and demonstrate cultural sensitivity

  • Strong creative and problem-solving skills

  • Be committed to having a can-do, positive attitude

  • Willingness to communicate openly and honestly

  • Well-organized and able to manage strict timelines and details efficiently

  • Ability to organize people and build relationships.

  • Ability to implement field programs as well as learn training and mentoring strategies to work with leaders and other grassroots organizations.

  • Based in Charlotte with the ability to travel to Wake, Guilford, and Catawba counties.

  • If no experience, willingness to learn electoral system in NC, fundamentals of civic engagement campaigns, and civic engagement data tracking system (Voter Activation Network).

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends routinely.

  • Ability to mentor and develop Social Justice/Civic Engagement youth interns.

  • Computer proficiency, including Microsoft Word, Excel

  • Ability to create long-term work plans and set long-term project goals

  • Ability to create presentations and represent SEAC in speaking engagements

  • Willingness to adjust plans and demonstrate flexibility as needed

  • Willingness to help squad members with their projects

  • Have valid driver’s license, insurance, and have own vehicle


  • Fluency in a second language, preferably a Southeast Asian language

  • Knowledge of Southeast Asian Communities

  • Knowledge of Southeast Asian American issues

  • Knowledge of multi-racial solidarity work

The Statewide Base Building Organizer is a full time, permanent position. Salary commensurate with experience.

Reports to:  TBD
Location: Based in Charlotte, NC

How to apply: Please send resume and cover letter to

Deadline: January 31st, 2018

Start date: Immediately